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The shadowy network of Jew influence (Part 1)

Everyone knows that big jews like George Soros and the Rothschilds are evil, but surely not all jews are like that?!? Well, obviously not all jews reach that nadir, but conversely, the Soros and Rothschilds need a massive and shadowy network of more minor jews in academia, politics, business, finance, media and elsewhere to keep the White Genocide bus on the road as it continues its voyage of mayhem.

Jews like to hide in the shadows, being alternatively “White” or “Jewish” depending on the situation.

The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.” – The Jew, Joseph Goebbels

Let’s look at a few jews with undue influence in our Western societies (thanks to researcher Andrew Joyce, PhD):

Susan Cohen

managing director of Diversity Management & Communications. Specialises in mixed-race advertising.

Susan Cohen

Ronit Lentin

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Major Jewish proponent of multiculturalism and “anti-racism.”

Susan Cohen

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

Intellectual and author of “The Jew Who Gave Us Modernity.” Jewish self-propagandist.

Susan Cohen

Jonathan Wolff

University College London. Jewish Marxist and “egalitarian.”

Jonathan Wolff

Carrie Rosenbaum

Golden Gate University. Works on “constitutionality of immigration laws and racial bias in policing.”

Susan Cohen

Gerry Gable

London. Jewish Leftist behind the “Searchlight” antifa project.

Gerry Gable

Bo Rothstein

University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Political scientist and “diversity” propagandist.

Susan Cohen

Judith S Goldstein

New York. Fellow at “Humanity in Action” with sustained concentration on immigration and diversity.

Judith S. Goldstein

Pamela Goldstein

Senior consultant at Diversity Management & Communications. Specialises in mixed-race advertising.

Susan Cohen

Michael Rosen

children’s author. “I am very much in favour of diversity and the Holocaust in children’s books.”

Michael Rosen

Suzanne B. Goldberg

Columbia. Law professor advancing changes in our “gender and sexuality” discrimination laws

Suzanne B. Goldberg

Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen, Harvard. Student of Communist Gerald Cohen. Advances theories of Adorno & the Frankfurt School.

Michael Rosen

Jonathan Wolff

University College London. Jewish Marxist and “egalitarian.”

Jonathan Wolff

Steven Nadler

University of Wisconsin-Madison. Jewish intellectual who argues that Jewish thinkers created the West.

Steven Nadler

David Isaac

Homosexual Jew and head of the UK’s Orwellian “Equality and Human Rights Commission.”

Susan Cohen

Raymond G. Leffler

New York Jewish lawyer on executive staff of the ostensibly “Black rights” organisation CORE.

Raymond G. Leffler

David Cohen

Canada’s leading “immigration consultant,” with a focus on “refugees and citizenship.”

David Cohen

Simon Schama

Columbia University. Propagandist for degenerate and Jewish-produced art.

Susan Cohen

Raphael Cohen-Almagor

Hull University, UK. Author of “The Internet’s Dark Side.” Advocate for harsh limits on free speech


Shira Goodman

Jewish Executive Director of Pennsylvania anti-gun group CeaseFirePA.

Susan Cohen

Steven Fulop

Jewish mayor of New Jersey. Major gun control advocate who used his position to blackmail gun vendors.

Steven Fulop

Nick Hanauer

Seattle. Jewish businessman who has pumped at least $1.5 million into gun control efforts.

Nick Hanauer

Jonathan Israel

Princeton. Advances the theory that Western Civilization came about due to (Jewish) Spinoza.

Jonathan Israel

Paul Singer

Jewish CEO of Elliot Associates – the world’s foremost “vulture fund.” Whole nations in debt to him.

Susan Cohen

Daniel Gilbert

Jewish CEO of Quicken Loans – one of the key figures behind the housing crash & worldwide recession

Susan Cohen

David Baazov

Jewish CEO of the Amaya online gambling racket, pulling millions of people into debt.

Susan Cohen

Adam Freeman

London. Founder of the Mr Lender payday moneylending extortion racket.

Adam Freeman

Levy Izhak Rosenbaum

Brooklyn. Made millions selling human kidneys on the black market.

Susan Cohen

Ari Paul

Journalist. “The solution is to make the EU’s policy more favourable to multiculturalism and migration.”

Ari Paul

Ilan Zvi Baron

Durham University, UK. Jewish critic of Brexit and “parochial nationalism” of the British.

Ilan Zvi Baron

Sasha Orloff

(), cofounder of moneylending business LendUp with Jacob Rosenberg.

Sasha Orloff

Jeffrey Weiss

Jewish CEO of Dollar Financial, the biggest payday loan merchant in the world.

Jeffrey Weiss

Jacob Rosenberg

the Jew behind San Francisco’s “Lend Up” money lending business.

Jacob Rosenburg

Dan and Bob Wolfberg

Chicago Jewish moneylenders


Al Goldstein

Uzbek Jew behind AvantCredit, one of the biggest money lending businesses in America today.

Susan Cohen

Errol Damelin

South African Jew behind the rapaciously exploitative WONGA payday loan business.

Errol Damelin

Jonathan Greenblatt

ADL CEO. Made his money by selling “charitable water”….at a profit of course.

Jonathan Greenblatt

“Sir” Philip Green

Exploitative Jewish capitalist behind the infamous BHS pension fund theft.

Susan Cohen

Alys Eve Weinbaum

University of Washington, specialises in “critical race theory” “feminism” and “African American” history.

Alys Eve Weinbaum

Joelle Fishman

Jewish Chair of the Connecticut Communist Party.

Susan Cohen

Joseph M. Schwartz

Temple University. Advocates “radical social equality” and a leading figure of Democratic Socialists

Joseph M. Schwartz

Harold Meyerson

Jewish Journalist and Vice-Chair of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Harold Meyerson

Alina Friedman

Jewish agitator prominent in British Far Left and “anti-Fascism” efforts.

Alina Friedman

Sander Gilman

Jewish intellectual at Emory. Apologist for Jews, critic of Kevin MacDonald, fan of Freud.

Sander Gilman

Anthony Lester

Jewish lawyer behind much of the UK’s “race relations” laws.

Susan Cohen

Leon Brittan

Now-deceased Jewish politician who engineered Britain’s first racial “hate speech” legislation.

Susan Cohen

Steven Hirsch

Pornographer, culture- distorter, and promoter of miscegenation.

Steven Hirsch

Peter Kolchin

University of Delaware. Jewish intellectual specializing in anti-White narratives of slavery.

Peter Kolchin

Arlene Eisen

Originator of the report that claimed Blacks were being killed by cops every 28hrs – sparking BLM.

Arlene Eisen

Jonathan Freedland

Jewish journalist. Extremely hostile anti-white and cheerleader of multiculturalism.

Jonathan Freedland

Saira Weiner

John Moores University, Liverpool, UK. Self-describes as “socialist, anti-racist” with focus on social justice.


Beth Goldblatt

Feminist Jewess, University of Technology, Sydney. Prominent in “anti-discrimination” law.

Beth Goldblatt

Robin Nussbaum

Seattle. Key figure in “anti-racism” organisations and “white privilege” workshops.

Robin Nussbaum

Barrie Kosky

Jewish Opera Director. His works feature masturbation, transvestism, and the nudity of obese women.

Susan Cohen

David Lipschitz

California. Anti-racism agitator in the medical field.

Susan Cohen

Tony Kushner

University of Southampton. Pro-migrant activist who teaches a course on “The Making of Englishness.”

Tony Kushner

Meyer Weinberg

Now-deceased Jewish ethnic activist and author of “Racism in Contemporary America.”

Meyer Weinberg

Michael Levine

Durham University. Jewish Freud propagandist and author of “Racism in Mind.”

Michael Levine

Fay Hartog Levin

University of Chicago. Once delivered a famous address titled “Strength in Diversity.”

Fay Hartog Levin

Debbie Zucker

Key Jewish figure in Colorado Interfaith Alliance. Works on “white privilege” and fighting “racism.”

Debbie Zucker

Lena Glickman

“Racism Support Specialist” working to “undo White Supremacy within the Religious Society of Friends”.

Lena Glickman

Shirley R. Steinberg

Calgary University, described as a “key innovator in multicultural education”.

Shirley R. Steinberg

David Cohen

CEO and Chief Diversity Officer, “Diversity Inc.”

David Cohen

Amy Eshleman

Young Jewish activist, Wagner College Faculty. Specialising in White guilt, White privilege and gender

Amy Eshleman

Paula Rothenberg

Author of “White Privilege” and relentless purveyor of White guilt and multiculturalism.

Paula Rothenberg

Benjamin Schiff

Oberland College, author of gloating tome on the end of Apartheid and Whites coming under Black rule.

Susan Cohen

Melissa Steyn

Smug South African Jewess, author of “Whiteness Just Isn’t What It Used To Be.”

Melissa Steyn

Debbie Epstein

Jewish Professor at the University of Roehampton, London. “Expert” in the “construction” of race, gender and sexualities.

Debbie Epstein

Michael Cohen

Jewish ethnic activist Michael Cohen, University of California, Berkeley. His work is in the incitement of Blacks against Whites.


Matt Weinberg

Yet another very active Jew at the Black-inciting Harvard Hutchins Center.

Matt Weinberg

Abby Wolf

Harvard Jewess Abby Wolf, another key figure in stoking Black victimhood. Highly active at the Hutchins Centre.

Abby Wolf

Cameron Levin and Sally Tochluk

Jewish leaders of the Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere (AWARE).

Dara Silverman

Runs workshops to help you “heal from toxic whiteness to better fight for racial justice.”

Susan Cohen

Jeffrey Kaplan

Univ. of Wisconsin. Jewish self-styled expert on “racism” and “white power.”

Jeffrey Kaplan

Judith H. Katz

Jewish activist and author of “White Culture and Racism.” Full-time ‘anti-racism’ consultant.

Susan Cohen

Leslie Feinberg

Self-described “anti-racist, Jewish, transgender, lesbian, female, revolutionary communist.”

Susan Cohen

Rachel Gilmer

Leading Black Lives Matter agitator Rachel Gilmer was “raised Jewish.”

Susan Cohen

Rabbi Ari Hart

Brooklyn, backer of Black Lives Matter and the assault on White America.

Rabbi Ari Hart

Robin Bernstein

African-American studies at Harvard. Jewish intellectual behind the Black Lives Matter movement.


Laura S. Abrams

UCLA, Jewish proponent of the “White privilege” meme in the social work field.

Laura S. Adama

Cynthia Levine-Rasky

Queens University, Canada. Jewish author of “Whiteness Fractured” and relentless advocate of multiculturalism.

Cynthia Levine-Rasky

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

University of Washington: “I want to burn the tent of whiteness down.”

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

Noel Ignatiev

“Whites must commit a racial suicide in order to come alive as workers, youth, women, etc.”

Susan Cohen

Jon Greenberg

Author of “10 Examples That Prove White Privilege Protects White People in Every Aspect Imaginable.”

Jon Greenberg

Jennifer Roth-Gordon

ASU, leading intellectual in the “whiteness studies” genre, and assailant of White identity.

Jennifer Roth-Gordon

G. Daniel Cohen

Rice University, academic advocate for “international migration,” with a focus on Europe especially France.

G. Daniel Cohen

Jeffrey H. Cohen

OSU, author of “Cultures of Migration” and open borders advocate.

Jeffrey H. Cohen

Lawrence Grossberg

UNC, key writer in “whiteness studies” and proponent of the “white privilege meme.”

Lawrence Grossberg

David Theo Goldberg

ASU and University of California. Author of “Racist Culture” and numerous “white guilt” tracts, Irvine argues that “racism is just a version of whiteness.”

Susan Cohen

Steven J. Gold

MSU, Jewish proponent of “no borders” politics and academic advocate for “international migration.”

Steven J. Gold

Maurice Berger

Jewish author of “White Lies, Race and the Myths of Whiteness.”

Maurice berger

Lois Weis

University of Buffalo, Jewish author of “Off White: Readings of Power, Privilege and Resistance.”

Lois Weis

Michelle Fine

Jewish feminist, CUNY, uses public funds to produce work on “Witnessing Whiteness” & white privilege.

Susan Cohen

George Lipsitz

University of California. Author of “How Racism Takes Place” and numerous books on Whiteness and white guilt.

George Lipsitz

Say Burgin

An Orthodox Jewess, Burgin teaches course at Leeds University titled “Why is my curriculum White?” It isn’t, Ms Burgin – it’s Jewish

Say Burgin

Robin Cohen

Head of the International Migration Institute, argues “out of Africa” and therefore no need for borders.

Robin Cohen

Barbara Applebaum

Has made a career at Syracuse University pushing White guilt, and ending “White moral innocence.”

Barbara Applebaum

Josh Tetrick

Jewish businessman, invests heavily in anti-Trump propaganda ads.

Susan Cohen

Jennifer Rubin

Jewish Washington Post journalist who has described Trump’s immigration speech as “tripe.”

Susan Cohen



The Evolutionary Basis of Racism and why we need to recapture the competitive drive.

White Realism


What is competition?

Competition is ubiquitous across the planet. Competition between different species, competition between the same species, intersexual competition. Sports. Music. Politics. Competition manifests itself in an absolute litany of forms but at the basest level, it is ultimately driven by the need to survive and propagate one’s genetics at the expense of a rival. Most people in today’s secular technocracy, whatever their mindset and interests, have little trouble accepting evolution and the competition which drives it.

However, there is one form of intergroup competition that no one is allowed to cite without repercussion from the leftist academic world: racial competition. Racial competition is the worst kept secret in the world. It has existed for well over 6 millennia and has manifested itself in a multitude of ways. So what is racial competition specifically and why does it occur?

Racial competition is basically another form of intergroup competition. A…

View original post 624 more words

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The Best #Holohoax movies

6 Million LIES


Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust


Questioning The Holocaust – Why we Believed

Our dear friend Eric Hunt, who is the leading figure in Holocaust denialist documentaries and a great hero who nearly took down that filthy kike Eli Wiesel, has produced another fantastic documentary entitled “Questioning The Holocaust: Why We Believed.”

It is the first of a two-part series. This will probably replace my previous favorite denial film, Hunt’s The Last Days of the Big Lie [below], as my go-to link when teaching people about Holocaust hoaxism.

Please spam it around everywhere. – Andrew Anglin

The Last Days of the Big Lie

A controversial documentary that debunks many of the facts presented in the Oscar winning Holocaust themed documentary The Last Days, produced by Steven Spielberg.


The Greatest Lie Ever Told


The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax


One Third of the Holocaust

According to


Auschwitz: The Surprising Hidden Truth


Careful now: remember, questioning the Holohoax can get you into trouble in many countries, especially in Europe, and especially especially in the country formerly known as Germany.

France: Former Math Professor Sentenced to a Year in Prison for Denying the Stupid Jew Hoax



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Natural Order Ch 2: Natural Order versus New World Order



There is a war going on for control of the World between two competing forces, good and evil. As such, this can be seen as an eternal struggle, and it is for all good people to understand and fight, at all levels, from the personal through the political, cultural, economic and spiritual.

This apocalyptic conflict does not resemble any traditionally recognised war, or struggles such as those between right and left. It is a fight between illusionary and godless globalism in the shape of the New or Jew World Order (NWO/JWO) and the eternal truth of Aryan National Socialism, or Natural Order. This war is fought not on a physical battlefield, but on multiple complex levels encompassing all human interaction, consciousness and culture.

Natural Order never originated as some grand theory, but simply describes physical, biological, historical, social and anthropological reality.

Natural Order acknowledges how human races have fundamental genetic differences; tribal societies have evolved into homogeneous nation states with unique cultures; class exists, in terms of consciousness, goodness, ability and propensity for work; men marry, protect and lead women, forming families, the basic building block of society; criminals are punished; the weak are protected by the strong; family, neighbours and countrymen are loved and trusted unless proved bad; strangers, outsiders and foreigners are viewed with suspicion until proved good; man lives in harmony with nature; the strong succeed on the basis of merit; all men acknowledge and worship God, the Creator. The true diversity of God’s creation is manifested in an almost infinite variety of plant, animal and human species, all with different attributes and abilities

A realistic analysis of the crises outlined above sees the fundamental problem as being an attempt by parasitic and traitorous leaders of mainly White countries to deny God and destroy Natural Order in favour of the New World Order. The solution to our problems is to expose and destroy these corrupt NWO power structures, and rebuild society according to Natural Order, as practiced for millennia. This does not mean a return to the Dark Ages (when Christian Europe was invaded at its periphery by Arab Moslem savages). Rather, it is a step into a real and optimistic future. Many, if not most contemporary non-white countries already exist according to some local form of Natural Order.

Although Natural Orderians are invariably seen as ‘Far-Right’, there is nothing so extreme about Natural Order. While extremely scientific and forward looking, Natural Order represents the way things have balanced for millennia. How does a Communist General Secretary differ from a King, President or Fürher? Hitler’s party was the NDSAP, The National Socialist Workers’ Party. This was no mere empty slogan. In the years 1933 – 1939, Germany saw a national works programme which eradicated unemployment, doubled GDP, provided homes (or camps!) for all, the Volkswagen ‘peoples’ car’ produced for almost every family… Many non-white countries are nationalist, whether in Africa, South America, Asia or the Far East; they employ a variety of governmental systems, to varying degrees of dysfunction: monarchies, republics, democracies and (formerly) Communist states.

It makes no more sense to decry Natural Order as ‘evil’ than it would to campaign against the laws of physics, chemistry or biology. Human society always eventually reverts to the reality of Natural Order, even if temporarily perverted – unless completely destroyed, which is the danger we currently face.

Proponents of Natural Order generally describe themselves as Nationalist, National Socialist, Fascist, Alt-Right, Race Realist and/or White Nationalist. The term ‘Natural Order’ is not in widespread use. Common pejorative terms used by the enemy (some adopted by National Socialists in defiance) include Nazi, Neo-Nazi, Hate Speech, Extremist, Racist, Prejudiced, Misogynist, Anti-Semitic, Far-Right, Homo/Islamo-phobic, White Supremacist, 1488er and Ignorant (i.e. not indoctrinated by, or compliant with, Cultural Marxist orthodoxy, as taught in almost all Western academia).

The more dubious and compromised (Jewed) end of the Alt-Right movement comprises a diluted (“cuck”) form of Nationalist politics, anti-feminist, realistic with regard to Islam, more palatable and acceptable to society, and less susceptible to censorship, vilification and prosecution. Indeed, some of its more suspect figures, like those of the Counter-Jihad movement, are considered ‘controlled opposition’ through which dissidents may safely ‘let off steam’. The key sin of omission is a lack of Jew-awareness, and denial of the label ‘Nazi’.


White Nationalists are invariably slandered by their enemies as being ‘hateful’. In fact, nationalists are primarily motivated by love of God, Family, Nation and Race, followed by love for the rest of humanity and creation. Their perfectly righteous anger is directed towards those enemies who seek to deny God and destroy White families, communities and nations – a perfectly rational, necessary, defensive and moral response. A primary strategy of the NWO enemy is to hide, lie, and through misinformation, misdirect that anger. The White Nationalist’s foundational beliefs are embodied in the 14 words: these say nothing about gassing Jews or hanging blacks; they are a statement of love for one’s extended family:

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

The ideology of the establishment Globalist New World Order (NWO) is known as Talmudic Cultural Marxism (see chapter …). In the NWO paradigm, our problems are generally portrayed as unfortunate, unavoidable, accidental, or the fault of the White man. Western governments and international organisations such as NATO, the UN and EU supposedly act for the good of all, and do their best to improve the world.

Millionaires and Billionaires such as Bill Gates, the Clintons, Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros often donate much of their wealth to foundations promoting the Globalist worldview (which may give a clue as to who benefits from it). All races and peoples are defined and legislated as being equal and equally valuable, as are all religions – multiculturalism. In practice, Aryans are accused of ‘White Privilege’ and persecuted in their own countries by an unending barrage of ‘equality’ and hate crime legislation, and Cultural Marxism.

Paradoxically, contrary to the teachings of many ‘equally valid’ religions, one of the NWO’s major short-term aims is to enforce complete ‘equality’ between people of all (not both) genders, disabilities, sexual orientations, countries and races (the NWO worldview, being completely based on lies, is full of paradoxes). The disconnect between liberal acceptance of both Islam and feminist sexual freedom is staggering. How can one reconcile libertarian feminism and homosexual rights with Islam’s harsh punishments for sodomy, adultery and blasphemy?

In a twisted perversion of traditional and religious values, all discrimination is outlawed and vilified as thoroughly evil (sexist, racist, ‘homophobic’, ‘islamophobic’ etc.), inevitably leading to the ultimate evil: Nazi death camps for Jews, the eternal, innocent and ultimate victim. The alleged killing of six million Jews by evil Nazis takes centre stage in Cultural Marxist ideology, forming its complementary religion, Holocaustianity (the 100 million or so non-Jewish deaths caused by 20th century Communism do not figure in this faith). It is telling that the phrase “He has good discrimination” would, in bygone days, be used as a complement of an intelligent man, able to appreciate good versus bad, fast versus slow, beautiful versus ugly; the term discrimination is now the vilest slur.

Feminism (like Communism, another Jewish invention) is another main driver or component of the establishment NWO worldview: women are encouraged to take on traditionally male roles, participating in politics and ‘enjoying’ complete sexual freedom, supposedly without consequences (‘liberation’). Conversely, men are encouraged, pressured, indeed practically forced to take on female roles in various ways). Women also ‘have full opportunity’ to work outside the home, with the state taking on much of the role of the husband and extended family, through vast social benefit programmes. Conversely, the White, Protestant, heterosexual alpha male father and husband is seen as historically oppressive, evil and an unfair enjoyer of ‘white male privilege’. To counter this privilege and oppression, preference and extra help is given to all ‘minorities’: non-whites, women, single mothers, the disabled, homosexuals, Moslems and the transgendered. As you can see, a great deal of the war between Natural Order and NWO is linguistic, as foreseen by George Orwell in 1984, with its enforced Newspeak, making thoughtcrime difficult or impossible.

‘Human rights’ laws protect the foreign and supposedly weak and oppressed, including convicted criminals. These ‘Human rights’ laws and their enforcement are weighted entirely for the ‘oppressed’ individual, and against wider White society, resulting in ridiculous injustices such as the ‘right’ of criminals to vote, and avoid deportation to their own country following lax ‘punishments’ for heinous crimes, many against whites. Historically white, prosperous countries must accept vast inflows of non-whites, supposedly fleeing Third World wars, giving rise to a ‘multicultural’ (multiracial) paradise of tolerance and love. This is exactly the kind of love for Big Brother which Orwell foretold. Although the system pays lip service to the equality of all religions, it is ultimately anti-Christian, atheist and Satanic, being based on Talmudic (Judaic) Cultural Marxism. Both proponents and opponents of the NWO model see its culmination in a borderless world run by a single World government.

The ultimate and cloaked aim of the NWO is for a tiny elite of Jewish trillionaire banker/mobster families to complete their control and enslavement of the entire world, as described later, particularly in chapter 7, Protocols of Satan. In order to achieve this, the elites must first destroy their primary opposition, the White (Aryan) race and the movement of White Nationalism, through Feminism, Cultural Marxism, ‘Vibrant Diversity’/mass migration (invasion) and miscegenation (race mixing). The scene will then be set for massive population reduction through wars and the further poisoning of medicines, food and the environment. A Global totalitarian state is developing which would make Saudi Arabia, Soviet Russia or North Korea look like a walk in the park.

The NWO (JWO) plan is ultimately doomed to failure even should it succeed in the short-term, since in a world without white civilisation, many regions would rapidly descend to barbarism, as seen in places such as Haiti, South Africa and Rhodesia (see chapter 3, Race Realism).

Non-Jewish lieutenants of the JWO (such as company executives, politicians, activists, academics and journalists) are known as Shabbos Goy, a gentile who does Jews’ bidding, from the servant used for example to do work on the Jewish Sabbath, performing tasks such as switching lights on and off. Our Jewish overlords use many such traitors in their control of our institutions.

The vast majority of JWO low-level tools are unaware of their function. Brainwashed by the Agenda™ through ‘education’ and media propaganda, they simply see themselves as ‘moderate’, ‘non-political’ and ‘normal’. The useful idiots and traitors describe themselves with terms such as Democrat, Liberal, Moderate, Conservative, Liberal, Green, Socialist and Republican. Democracy is given false legitimacy by the appearance of intense debate between these various factions, within a narrow range of JWO-compliant opinion known as the ‘Overton Window’. Our current situation is rapidly moving this window towards National Socialism.

More active JWO tools are known as Social Justice Warriors (SJW), Leftists, Communists and Internationalists. Professional agitators and thugs are known as antifa (Anti-fascists). White male JWO agenda supporters are known as ‘cucks’ (short for cuckolds) due to their encouragement of non-whites to immigrate and mate with White women – through either seduction or rape.

The controlled opposition counterjihad movement aims to educate and save the world from Islam and Islamic terrorism, a laudable aim, even though much ‘Islamic terrorism’ is actually Jew-funded. Many of its leaders and backers are Jews and Zionist Christian, thus it tends to be extremely pro-Jew.

We return to a discussion of Shabbos Goy traitors in Chapter 14, Not so fast, Jew.


In addition to these two opposing political ideologies, there are many flavours and subcategories of the Religious worldview, notably Christian, Moslem, and Vedic (Hinduism/Vaishnavism). Less significant numerically are Buddhism and folk religions/Paganism. Judaism is insignificant numerically, but as this book shows, at the heart of our predicament. No religion can become dominant in a society without an accompanying politics; conversely, there has never been a stable political system without a religion.

It is a misnomer to describe any demonic faith as a religion. Real religion comprises a framework and basis for spirituality – communion with God – whereas false religion or demoniac faith comprises a framework and basis for materialism. That is not to say that all followers of demoniac faiths are necessarily demons, nor that every follower of true religion is a saint; far from it. What we can see however is that good people following demoniac faiths, and bad people following true religion, are not practicing their faiths religiously; both are nominal practitioners, caught up in the cultural and racial aspects of their faith rather than its strict philosophy and laws.

Each faith has personal and political aspects. These provide a framework for both the individual and society. A personal lack of any belief is akin to a mentally unstable or child-like state; a societal lack of belief comprises materialistic and atheistic anarchy. The absence of any belief or framework causes breakdown, whether personal and societal, and cannot last long; just as air rushes to fill a vacuum, a lack of belief in anything is inevitably and rapidly replaced by new beliefs. As we are seeing daily, the Talmudic, atheist, nihilist and Culturally Marxist West is rapidly sliding towards the rigid doctrine of Islam and its political aspect – sharia – to a degree which may make the Islamic State or Saudi Arabia look like Disneyland.

Beliefs define basic values, and are a combination of:

  • stories, (whether real or mythical), including the descent of God, His incarnations and messengers; the appearance of demons; the history of a tribe,
  • inspiration, whether divine or demoniac,
  • morals, rules and laws,
  • processes for personal demonic materialistic advancement or spiritual self-realisation

When people practice a certain faith for generations, they form a race and civilisation; that faith to a great degree defines the people, their culture, nations and empires. It is impossible to fully separate these various aspects of a people.

The strength of a civilisation is largely decreed by its basis in truth. A true and godly civilisation can last and develop through immense ages; a society based on lies is doomed to fail.


According to Wikipedia, in 2014 Christianity numbered 2.2 billion followers worldwide, Islam 1.6 billion, Hinduism 1.1 billion, Chinese folk religion 900 million, Buddhism 500 million and Judaism just 14 million.


Judaism, Christianity and Islam comprise the three Abrahamic religions, based on Middle-Eastern biblical scriptures and stories from before the time of Abraham.

Christianity and Islam are monotheistic, although Christianity includes a touch of pantheism (The Holy Spirit in everyone’s heart). Judaism flips between monotheism and atheism depending on its practice. Vedic religions (much older than Abrahamic) may be monotheistic or pantheist (‘God is everywhere, in everyone and everything’). Buddhism is nontheistic, and as such can be classified as a philosophy rather than a religion. Paganism and folk religions are generally pantheistic.

All religions include two elements: spiritual, and political. The spiritual element concerns such aspects as personal prayer, meditation and the afterlife; the political element concerns societal norms, morality, rules and laws – such as the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule (do as you would be done by) and Sharia/Taqiyya. The lines between religions, beliefs, politics, tribes and races are often blurred. Religious scriptures are invariably long, complex, and often apparently somewhat self-contradictory, thus requiring interpretation. This enables religious leaders and organisations to control populations through their preaching, which politically may fall almost anywhere between Cultural Marxism and Natural Order.

Judaism is highly dualistic and supremacist (‘God’s Chosen People’), indeed, even more so than other faiths, it is as much a race as a religion, being inherited, non-evangelical and difficult to adopt, requiring study and male genital mutilation (MGM).

Most people think that Judaism is based on the Old Testament of the Bible, but it is actually far more rooted in the Talmud, a vast work containing the writings of rabbis (Pharisees) over thousands of years.

Judaism mandates a form of Natural Order for Jews (as practiced in Zionist Israel), but has always advocated multiracialism (and lately Cultural Marxism) for goyim (non-Jews, literally ‘cattle’) societies, in order to protect Jews from persecution within their host population. Indeed, as with Communism, Jews created the whole concept of Cultural Marxism, and have been overwhelmingly behind its propagation and infiltration into wider society, through movements such as the Frankfurt School’s critical theory, postmodernism, art and feminism. Kevin McDonald’s excellent book, The Culture of Critique (1998), examines these movements in detail.

So who are the Jews exactly?

Jews themselves are of two main types: Ashkenazi (origionally from Khazistan) and Sepharic (Semites, from the tribes of Israel). As with much other JWO newspeak, the word antisemitic is again a misnomer. We’ll come back to the identity, beliefs and behaviour of Jews again and again.

Christianity has traditionally been based on Natural Order, with an emphasis on individual salvation and a somewhat neutral approach to politics when Christ’s instruction “Render to Caesar…” is obeyed. Like Vaishnavism, Christianity is highly (even pathologically) altruistic, and sees all people as ultimately equal before God, at least Christians. With its universality, charity and pacifist ‘turn the other cheek’ teachings, much of Christianity has been easy prey for infiltration by Jews, Zionists and Cultural Marxists throughout and beyond the 20th century. The Vatican has been corrupt for much of its existence, though by no means all. Similarly, evangelical Christians paradoxically accept Jews as ‘God’s chosen people’, and regard Zionism (i.e. Jews’ appropriation of Palestine) as a pre-requisite for the second coming of Jesus. This is despite Jews’ rejection of Jesus as the Messiah, indeed their murder of Christ. In addition to overt Christians, there are also many agnostics, who, while not directly accepting Christ, broadly accept many neo-Christian values.

Islam, like Judaism, is highly dualistic, supremacist, political, and although evangelical, also highly racially based. Like Judaism, it mandates a form of Natural Order for Moslems and Dar-al-Islam (lands under sharia), but keenly supports overt and covert war through multiculturalism and Cultural Marxism for Dar-al-Harb (non-sharia lands, which Islam must conquer through jihad). For Islam, encouraging Cultural Marxism in non-Moslem lands is an ideal way to facilitate hijra (offensive migration), and thus eventual Islamic domination of territory. One thing you can say for sure: Once Islam has captured a former Western liberal democracy there won’t be any more gay pride marches, except off rooftops.

Vaishnavism (worship of Vishnu or Krishna) is the oldest and most philosophical monotheistic faith. It originates from the ancient and advanced Aryan civilisation of Bharat (India). Still practiced largely within India, and Indian communities worldwide, it encompasses a politics based entirely on Natural Order, exemplified through the life of King Rama (an incarnation of Krishna). Its spirituality however describes a reality where all living entities are unique spirit soul, ultimately equal once they evolve spiritually to attain pure love of God. This important element of spiritual equality has unfortunately rendered Vaishnavism – like Christianity – susceptible to infiltration by Jews and Cultural Marxism, with their falsehoods of universal equality.


Naïve religionists believe in entirely spiritual solutions: either this world does not matter (it is merely temporary, illusory, some kind of test, or all God’s plan); or by the right kind of faith or spiritual practice, all will be well, the age of Aquarius will dawn, Cosmic Space Jesus will descend, the righteous will be resurrected, reincarnated in some kind of paradise or return to the spiritual world.

So long as there remains any freedom in this world, there will always be mystics, but for that freedom to remain, there must also be warriors.

Some of our dysfunctional and corrupt societies most fundamental lies concern:

  • the Holocaust, Hitler and World War II,
  • race, sexual and religious equality,
  • the desirability of multiculturalism,
  • distortion of language, for example the words ‘moderate’ and ‘extremist’,
  • the fairness of democracy.

The following chapters address these issues, and the theft of our liberty.

My feeling is this, regarding the story about Naziism and Hitler and the Third Reich: that until we can actually face the truth about it all, we can never seriously correct the problems of the current day; nor can we ever fight Zionism and the New World Order and all of its manifestations, until we recognise the truth about World War II; that the origins of the New World Order are found in the Talmud, an often vile occult work that is the basis of Jewish religious thinking today, just as when it first emerged, during the Jewish “captivity” in Babylon.

When I first became aware in my early years of the nature of the political process, I mistakenly believed it was a matter of Democrat versus Republican. However, it took many years for me to realise, the real battle is actually between good and evil. And ultimately I came to realise that those who are in command of the money power on our planet today, those who are pushing for a New World Order, represent that evil.
– Michael Collins Piper

Holocaust, Holohaux, New World Order, Politics, Racism, religion, Spirituality

Natural Order, Chapter 1



By any meaningful analysis, our world is running out of control towards catastrophe. Despite our incredible history, civilisation, culture and technology, perhaps culminating in almost limitless access to information through the Internet, we also face probably the most desperate problems of any generation.

Our most obvious crises include the still-present threat of nuclear proliferation and war; failed, tyrannical and rogue states; corruption; overpopulation; shortages of natural resources, particularly fuels; financial crises; an incredible disparity of wealth between the hyper-rich, a shrinking middle class and the ever-expanding poor; debt, inflation, homelessness and starvation; a spiritual vacuum; unemployment, employee exploitation, slavery, crime, racial tensions and violence; and the destruction and poisoning of our natural environment – air, water, soil and food.

Life, for the majority, even in the richest of nations, is often a bitter struggle for subsistence, made bearable through sex, drugs, and non-stop mass media electronic entertainment (so-called “bread and circuses”).

The twenty-first century has seen these crises come to a head with the September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, ceaseless resultant wars in the Middle-East, Islamic terrorism, and mass-migration from the Islamic and Third World, to formerly white regions. At any other time, this migration would be properly described as an invasion; one which threatens to destroy the traditional and advanced societies of Europe, North America and Australia.

Our world is nothing like the advanced civilisations predicted in 19th and early 20th century science fiction, although it does closely resemble dystopian hells such as (former Socialist) George Orwell’s 1984 and (Jew) Ira Levin’s This Perfect Day, not to mention the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (of which, more later).

There is no escaping the fact that the ultimate cause of our troubles is Godlessness. Good men serve God, acting according to His Natural Order; they create and maintain advanced cultures and civilisations. Evil men do whatever they can get away with to profit themselves and their extended tribe. Like parasites, they feed off civilisation, draining its energy, or live in primitive tribal societies like beasts.

One of mankind’s most advanced and ancient cultures was Vedic India. Vyasadeva’s Vedanta Sutra states that there are four pillars of religious civilization: Truth, Austerity, Cleanliness and Compassion. Jesus Christ was also insistent on the importance of truth. Conversely, Satan is known as the great deceiver:

“You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” [John, 8:44]

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” [Roger ‘Verbal’ Kint/Keyser Söze, The Usual Suspects/Charles Baudelaire]

It should come as no surprise therefore that after and alongside Godlessness, the root cause of our troubles is that we live in a society based on lies. This book is not primarily about religion; rather, it aims to expose and destroy the main lies underpinning our godless and dysfunctional society. A society based on lies is evil, brutal, unsustainable and must fall. The lies can only be sustained by brutal suppression of the population, such as the jailing of 87-year-old grandmothers for thoughtcrime.

You might wonder how people could possibly believe enormous lies in the first place? The method of indoctrination has been both gradual creep and ceaseless repetition, in a perversion of moral values. The desired lies are generated through media, academia and controlled politicians. They are propagated by state ‘education’ and mass controlled media (lügenpresse, literally lying press). Following media repetition, the politically-correct lies and false ‘values’ such as ‘equality’, manipulated ‘human rights’ and ‘multiculturalism’ are repeated, repackaged and regarded as axiomatic truth by all establishment institutions such as politics, police, academia and the legal system. From this follows the death of civilisation. Once the falsehoods become fundamental ‘moral’ values of a sick society, it takes brave and determined individuals to break free from the mental conditioning. One of the first steps is to turn away from TV (TalmudVision) and the lügenpresse, towards free and peer-distributed channels of information through hardcopy books and pamphlets, Internet blogs, memes and social media.

Anyone encountering this material for the first time may find it shocking, outrageous and even obscene (disseminating some of this material is actually illegal in many countries, just as dissident writings were in the USSR). Rest assured however: if you read with an open mind (checking the facts as you wish through the Internet and other sources), you may well find yourself coming round to a whole new viewpoint, very different to what you have been taught to believe for your entire life. But to do this, you need to be someone who thinks for himself, be willing to go against convention and the poisonous lies of the mass media and so-called education system. Most of all, you need to be a truth-seeker, keen to understand how our societies are being ruined and destroyed.

The act of uncovering this truth has become known as ‘red-pilling’, from the scene in the movie The Matrix where Neo is offered the choice between taking the blue pill and returning to illusion, or taking the red pill and understanding a highly unwelcome and unpleasant reality. This book does not attempt to analyse every possible lie or conspiracy (such as anthropomophic Climate Change or the alleged Apollo Moon landings; that would take forever, and strain the reader’s credulity unnecessarily) but simply expose the largest and most relevant to our current and desperate situation.

Readers new to this material will undoubtedly find it difficult to digest, and invariably feel a variety of unwelcome and confusing emotions on realising the extent of our betrayal: disgust, loathing, fear and confusion. This material can cause gut-wrenching changes in one’s “world view”. What was once “black” becomes “white” and vice versa. This can be highly disturbing and confusing as you try to adjust to a new reality, discarding the illusion with which you have been indoctrinated. This may put you severely at odds with family, friends and colleagues, straining relationships and your employment situation. Even though you may feel a strong need to share this new worldview, you need to take great care in how to do so. Sharing this book, without necessarily voicing opinion on its contents, is a good way to start.

Learning the truth about what is going on in the world, however shocking and alienating it may be, has its rewards. You gradually become someone no longer living in a fog of lies. You can easily understand and interpret controlled mass media and World events as you recognize the game plan. You will start to see more clearly, and develop a new and genuine purpose to life.

What is this new purpose? Unique to every individual, it is for you to do your bit, discover your destiny or dharma, however small or mighty, to defeat and destroy those who are out to destroy and enslave you and your society. You will likely identify yourself and/or others as leaders, and wish to lead or follow through communications and coordinated action. However you do it, by helping to overcome those who have long planned to enslave mankind, you will feel a new purpose in joining a movement liberating humanity from genocidal tyranny.


Why I am Fed up of the Current Establishment and Citizenship

Nationalist4UK, Oct 2012

I am writing this article because I want to tell you that I no longer want to be related to the current establishment named The Crown.  I have no faith in the monarchy anymore because they refuse to take any action regarding what is going on in our country.  I think the Queen is either working with the bankers and the Zionist elite or she has been duped by them.  I would like to see a new citizenship called the “National Federation of the British Isles” because I want to represent myself in a white’s only citizenship.  The current citizenship is mixed with parasites who commit far more crimes than the indigenous whites do.  Under a nationalist government we would have a proper leader who I would like to hold the title of “State Leader”.  I prefer that name because I do not want to my country to be a republic or a monarchy.  The state leader would monitor how the country is running.

Back to topic…  I keep on seeing articles which are unreported in the media, largely from the UK Enrichment News and also Liars, Buggers and Thieves sites.  I even know about the “Conspiracy facts” and this depresses me even more.

The British Isles and Europe belong strictly to white people and it will always belong to whites.  You know you must never read the lies from the BBC, Sky, ITV, the Sun or the Mirror newspapers.  I URGE you to stop reading and watching those lies and start subscribing to this site and Russia Today news!  White people are extremely fed up with the lies in the media.  I really hate it that people still vote for the Marxist, Communist anti-white Xenophile Labour party, as no one EVER reads about their corruption on sites like Labour25 and Liars, Buggers and Thieves!  We all know how much the Labour Party have ruined our country!  I also blame the whole current establishment for destroying and ruining our country!  If you’re a parasite reading this article then I suggest you go back to your country of origin and try to build that up, instead of leeching off of us.

The government is severely breaching Article 2 of the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.  In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

  • Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
  • Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
  • Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

I would like to see Lawful Rebellion act on the above and starting telling their members to put pressure on the police under that law!  This is a severe issue because the UK Government, The Crown and Bankers are breaching UN law!

Our politicians really want to put the blame onto white people.  You hear brainwashed people saying “British people created the British Empire” and as most of us know, it was the elites and not the British people!  The sheeple seriously need to stop watching the crap on the television today! I also see people on Facebook and all they do is chit-chat with their friends and ignore the truth about what is going in our country!  If the brainwashed people received a DVD through their letterbox explaining the truth – would they watch it?  They have been brainwashed by watching the X Factor and Eastenders on TV and have no idea what’s really going on in the country.

Now on to the reds, socialists and Marxists!

You know you do not represent the white workers who are unable to get jobs because of the immigrants. You also know that you do not read the news on the enrichers – where whites have to suffer the fear of immigrants ruling the streets which causes them to lose their belongings and get injured, all because they are white.  I urge you socialists to watch this video.

If you dare laugh at this you are currently laughing at your own shame and oppression!  You trade unionists need to stop wasting money going to demos which are anti-white because patriots are raising awareness of the problems like Islam and the moslem Grooming gangs.  We urge you to stop opposing them and to start concentrating on taking care of the rights of your workers.  If you’re a member of a trade union like RMT or Unite then I would advise you to boycott them because they bombard you with stuff begging you to vote for the xenophile Labour party.  You know you should form your own trade union group which serves the interests of white workers and acts for white people.  If you call it racist then you’re a xenophile and a traitor to the white race.  If you’re a militant SWP anarchist then you have no life, all you do is smash up local businesses and beat up nationalists.  If you don’t want any laws then go for Lawful Rebellion and the Libertarian groups.  All you do is turn up to demonstrations opposing the patriotic groups.  Why don’t you go and oppose the militant Islamic groups instead.  Try protesting against those who like burning poppies, do you not care about what the moslems have done?  If not then you’re very anti British.

You know, do you really care that Communism has killed 60+ million people and workers are forced to work with fear and torture!  If you want communism then you should experience fear and torture to see how it makes you feel!  I want you to look at National Socialism and the truth of it.  Stop reading the lies about Nazism and start reading the truth here.

There is a link to the playlist in the above article so you can play the whole lot while you’re doing other stuff.  Seriously, you need to start reading the truth and not the lies from the Zionists.  You need to stop listening to the lies about the white race, you’ve been brainwashed by people telling you “there’s only 1 race, which is the human race” and that “white people originated from Africa”.  Well do you know it’s all done by a Jewish scientist who has made up the lies about humans?  The name of this individual is Rita Levi-Montalcini (still alive aged 103 and currently a Senator for life in the Italian government); she wrote a brainwashing book which is basically a manifesto telling whites about how their own race doesn’t exist!  I heard a David Icke speech where he kept on saying the words “human race” and I find this deeply offensive!  Also, in one of his speeches he said “race is fuck all”and the brainwashed people clapped him for it.  The fact is that the whites have a higher average IQ than the enrichers have and if you wish to learn more about the genes of the British people (I mean white people) then have a read of this article here.

Now on to Freeman of the land stuff

I agree with some points on how to avoid tax or refusing to pay fines.  I agree with the idea because the government is acting unlawfully by extracting money out of you.  But you know there are individuals which participate in protests like anti-cuts.  You know there are reds and Marxists in the anti-cuts protest’s and you should know better because they are anti-white.  When we have a Nationalist government they will repeal the laws which are stupid and cause oppression to the white race!  I agree with the Freeman of the Land stuff because I do not wish to abide by the current establishment we have.  I also suggest that you take a look at the Your Strawman website.

On to the Police force of the UK

They are being politicised by the group called Common Purpose and they arrest any white person who speaks out about the enrichers causing problems in our country and then charge them under the xenophile race hate laws!  We’re supposed to have free speech regardless of whether you speak out against the enrichers colonising our country!  The real job for the police is to serve and protect.  They don’t do that anymore; they just serve and oppress white people!  The police should be arresting the current establishment for the treason and genocide of white people (see the above definition of genocide)!  Also, they are a private corporation, just like the government is!  They are just a company to oppress and detain innocent people; they even have corrupt judges on the payroll of the bankers.  The judges get paid a ton of money for letting rapists, paedophiles, criminals and immigrants go free to oppress and victimise more white people!  I urge you to take a look at the website called Knowledge is power.

Under a nationalist government the police force will no longer have divisions like Metropolitan Police for London, City of London police for the banker’s turf and Kent Police for county Kent!  It will all be united in one force like Russia and Finland have!

Another thing which I am fed up of is that there are small nationalist groups springing up.  If you’re one of them I would highly recommend that you read this article on the British Resistance written by the Corsham Crusader.  The article is called “plankton and the nationalist octopus”.  We want you all to start reading the truth on our site!  I see many flame wars between the nationalist factions and I wish they’d stop it and start taking action in the real world!

Now lastly, Harold Covington.  I enjoy listening to his podcasts and watching hisvideos on YouTube because he speaks the truth.  I also agree 100% on forming a new nation called the Northwest American Republic.  I would call it the Northwest Aryan Republic though because it would be a land where only Whites would be living.  I would take some of his ideas and form a new nation in the British Isles to make it all ‘whites only’.  I also enjoy listening to him using certain words we aren’t supposed to use.  He doesn’t do this to ‘insult’ other groups, but because the Liberals say we can’t use those words.  It is his way of sticking two fingers up to political correctness.  I do smile when he uses those words though.  So then, Independence to the Northwest American Republic from the ZOG and the same for the British Isles and Europe as well.  You know what?  I want my country backbecause it belongs to the whites and ONLY white people!

There are just so many things in my head which I can’t understand, like how we are being destroyed by the current establishment and the way the brainwashed people laugh at you if you point it out to them, which means they condone these actions.  I want to see actions taken, stop trolling on the internet and start taking action!  Spam links from Labour25 and the UK Enrichment News onto the vicious Labour Party Facebook page and debate in the comments until you get banned!  If you get banned you can make endless other accounts in order to get the message over!  I would also have you email all 650 Members of Parliament to take action in deporting all the immigrants and if they refuse then threaten them with the UN law which I have mentioned in the article!  Here is the link to the list of all 650 email addresses to MP’s.

White people must survive because we are indigenous to the British Isles!

I would like to see serious action being taken regarding the above. I’ll be waiting!